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Testofuel Review: Is It The Best Testosterone Supplement?

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TestoFuel is an anabolic support complex comprised of safe, all-natural ingredients that are claimed to increase testosterone production, boost muscle growth, reduce fat, and increase sex drive.

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Testofuel Review: Is It The Best Testosterone Supplement?
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Low testosterone levels in men bring about fatigue, loss of muscle mass, low libido and a host of other problems.

Although testosterone levels deplete with age it is not only older men who need help boosting their levels.

Bodybuilders, athletes, and men who desire a ripped physique require high testosterone levels to accelerate muscle growth.

There are many products in the market that promise to increase its levels.

Some of these are dangerous steroids that need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Testofuel is a supplement that claims to increase testosterone levels safely as it’s made from all natural ingredients.

This Testofuel review investigates this claim and summarizes all the facts for you.

What is Testofuel?

Testofuel is a muscle building supplement designed to increase testosterone levels in the body.

The formula comprises of nine natural testosterone building ingredients.

Unlike steroids Testofuel works by helping the body to increase its own testosterone production.

This supplement has been designed for body builders and athletes needing to accelerate muscle growth.

It can also be used by any man looking to build an impressive physique.

Testofuel is manufactured by Roar Ambition a sports supplements company based in the UK.

It is manufactured in FDA and cGMP approved facilities in the United States.

Testofuel Ingredients List

testofuel ingredients

Testofuel comprises of 9 well researched ingredients.

They include:

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)
This amino acid triggers the release of luteinizing hormone (LH). This in turn stimulates the testes to produce testosterone. According to one study, men who took it daily had their testosterone levels increase 42% in 12 days. Prime Male comprises of the calcium chelate form of D-Aspartic Acid which is more water soluble. As a result it is absorbed better in the body and does not cause stomach irritability.
Bio Perine
Bio Perine’s role in Prime Male is to act as a bioavailability enhancer. This means that it helps to increase the effective absorption of other nutrients in the body for better results.
This mineral decreases the sex hormone binding globulin allowing your body to have more functioning testosterone. One study showed that taking 6mg for 2 months increased free testosterone levels by 29%. Prime Male uses boron amino acid chelate which is absorbed better than its other forms.
Red Ginseng Extract
Red ginseng has been used medicinally for centuries to increase energy, longevity and to protect the immune system. A Korean study saw men who took the herb for 8 weeks experience increased erection quality and sexual satisfaction more than those who didn’t.
Aromatase is an enzyme involved in the production of estrogen. Luteolin plays the role of inhibiting this enzyme, reducing the amount of estrogen produced in the body.
Magnesium Citrate
In the male body, 60% of testosterone is bound to the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). It is therefore not available for the body to use. Magnesium lowers SHBG levels, releasing more testosterone for use. Prime Male uses the citrate form of the mineral which is absorbed better.
Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract
This legume is a natural source of amino acid levodopa, proven to increase testosterone and the human growth hormone. High levels of prolactin reduce testosterone in men. Mucuna Pririens reduces prolactin levels, ensuring that testosterone is not depleted
Nettle Root
As mentioned, most of the male testosterone is bound to SHBG, rendering it ineffective. Compounds called lignans derived from this root can bind to SHBG in place of the male hormone, releasing it for use. The nettle root also decreases estrogen levels while elevating testosterone levels.
Vitamin B6
This vitamin stimulates androgen receptors which in turn notify the testes to produce testosterone. It also helps the body to absorb zinc and magnesium better, two minerals important in boosting testosterone.
Vitamin D3
Vitamin D is produced when the skin comes into contact with the sun. Low Vitamin D levels are associated with low testosterone. Taking a supplement of this vital vitamin increases testosterone levels by 20%.
Vitamin K2
It also boosts testosterone levels on its own by enhancing the activity of enzymes inside the testes.
Low zinc levels prevent the pituitary gland from producing luteinizing hormone. This is the hormone that notifies the testes to produce testosterone. Increased zinc levels boost LH production, and in turn more testosterone is made. One study featuring 9 zinc deprived elderly men saw them double testosterone levels in just 6 months after supplementation.

How Does Testofuel Work?

Your body might be producing enough testosterone for day-to-day activities.

However if you are looking to add muscle and get ripped you may need help increasing testosterone levels.

Testofuel works by helping the body to release its own testosterone.

All the ingredients in Testofuel have been carefully selected to give you the benefits of testosterone as quickly as possible.

When your body finally has sufficient testosterone you can expect:

  • To have more muscle growth.
  • To have more strength.
  • More energy and stamina.
  • Reduced body fat.
  • To Improve your mood.
  • A higher self-esteem.
  • Higher libido.

How To Use Testofuel?

testofuel how to use

One bottle contains 120 capsules equivalent to one month’s supply.

The recommended dose is 4 capsules per day with your meal.

You should take Testofuel for at least 2 months to see real results.

Are There Any Testofuel Side Effects?

This supplement is formulated from natural ingredients and thus considered relatively safe.

No adverse side effects have been reported.

People with allergies to some of the ingredients such as oyster should be careful while taking it.

Customers who are taking other medication should consult a doctor beforehand.

Long term use should also be avoided.

Testofuel Reviews: What People Say About This Product?

This product has been bought by thousands of customers from all over the world.

Its official website has numerous positive reviews by happy customers.

Here are some of the reviews.

Brennon Bodkins says:

“When I first started taking TestoFuel I didn’t notice a big difference until around week three, but then it seemed to really kick in and I was getting bigger and stronger every week following. I have gained almost 2 inches on my arms, over 3 inches on my chest and I’m more ripped. My abs look better than ever and I feel more motivated, I have more energy and I have better bigger lifts”.

Customers report slow progress at first but with some patience real results are seen.

Cyrus Sadeghi reports:

“Along with good diet and regular training, TestoFuel made me gain 5kg in only 2 months! And not just simply for muscle gains, the increase in testosterone improved my libido and my mood. In the two months I’ve been taking TestoFuel I’ve gotten results like I never thought possible. I have dropped 3.5 inches of my waist while I got stronger and felt more alive than any other time before when I was dieting”.

Customers report looking and feeling better after using Testofuel.

Jose Rodriguez says:

“My mood was bad, energy levels were low and I had trouble wanting to get myself in the gym. I tried other test boosters that were out on the market and none of them worked. That all changed when I stumbled across TestoFuel on the internet”.

Pierre echoes:

“Along with good diet and regular training, TestoFuel made me gain 5kg in only 4 months! Therefore I recommend that product to everyone, and not just simply for muscle gains, the increase in testosterone improved my libido and my mood”.

The product seems to work well when combined with diet and exercise.

Testofuel: Packages, Pricing and Where to Buy

testofuel website

Testofuel is available on the official website: www.testofuel.com.

Payment can be done by credit card, Amazon Pay or Paypal.

Testofuel comes in three different packages.

4 Months Supply

3 bottles

+ 1 FREE bottle

+ 2 FREE EBOOKS & Nutritional Guide

Free Shipping Worldwide

Price: $195.00

2 Months Supply

2 bottles

Free Shipping in US and UK

Price: $130.00

1 Month Supply

1 bottle

Price: $65.00

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Testofuel has a 90 day money back guarantee.

This however applies only to the three month purchase of 3 boxes.

In order to qualify for the guarantee you must have taken the product for 90 days as instructed.

You must lodge the claim within 120 days or purchasing the product.

The guarantee applies to the first purchase only.

If you are looking to return the product, the manufacturer does not accept any used or opened items.

Refunds will be made minus all shipping costs.

Testofuel Pros and Cons


  • Boosts testosterone production in the body.
  • Increases energy and muscle mass.
  • Uses natural, tested ingredients.
  • Money back guarantee for 90 day package.
  • Good savings on buying 3 bottles.
  • No negative side effects.


  • Harsh money back guarantee benefitting only those who buy a three month supply.
  • Only available from the official website.

Testofuel Review: Should You Buy It?

Testofuel is a supplement that promises to increase testosterone levels in men.

It can be used by bodybuilders, athletes or just ordinary men looking to increase their muscle mass.

The ingredients are natural and well researched with no side effects.

This supplement is meant to be paired with a good diet and exercise.

As such it is not a magic pill and results will vary from person to person.

It might be expensive buying a one month supply at a time but savings can be made with a 3 month supply purchase.

There are numerous complains online over the money back guarantee which can be interpreted as misleading.

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